Flavours & Strengths

When first purchasing Vaypr products, it can be confusing as to which flavour and strength to choose. Let us help determine which product is right for you.


The expectation of something tasting exactly like traditional tobacco is not what you will get with vaping, as e-cigarette devices remove the unwanted smells and tastes attributed to tar and ash produced in conventional cigarettes.

We currently offer six flavours within our vPod System and Open System range. 

The vPod System flavours include: American West, Blueberry Blast, Custard Pear, Grape Vape, Menthol Mist and Sweet Virginia. Additionally, we offer a variety pack, which includes 4 of our most popular flavours. You can view the range here.

The Open System flavours include:  American West, Blueberry Blast, Custard Pear, Grape Vape, Menthol Mist and Sweet Virginia. You can view the range here.

As vaping opens up a world of different tastes, our suggestion is to start with the Vaypr variety pack (4 vPods) and the vPod Essentials Kit.


Determining the correct strength of your vaping products play an important role in your e-cigarette experience. 

We offer 3 strengths: 

  • None. For those who want a nicotine free vaping experience. Easy to vape, containing 0% nicotine content
  • Medium Strength nicotine providing a milder vaping experience. The perfect mid-range strength, containing 1.2% nicotine content
  • Full Strength nicotine perfect for those who like a full bodied vape with a strong flavour. Contains 1.8% nicotine content

Our suggestion for first time vapers is to choose 2- medium strength, as it gives you the opportunity to assess your own personal vaping experience and preference in strength to increase or decrease.